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Beauty: Noticed, Appreciated, and Realized

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This community hosts an icontest. I'll present the challenge, members respond to the challenge with an entry meeting the requirements for the challenge.

Please note it is not a stock image contest. There are several wonderful ones out there for which I'd be happy to provide you the comm name. I choose images based on what the theme is and set challenges based on the result of a poll. Some images will be harder to work with than others. But, then if they're all easy, wherein lies the challenge?

Beauty? Why beauty? So many elements in our daily lives and the world around us harbour unrecognized or unappreciated beauty. My job is to provide the image which encompasses beauty in some way, yours is to accentuate it in your entry in answer to the challenge.

Bi-Weekly Challenges:
01. Read the rules for each challenge to which you are responding. Each week the challenge will vary as to size, requirements, image provided or not, and other instructions.
02. Do NOT vote for your own submissions and do not get others to vote for you.
03. Voting will be unscreened when results are posted.
04. Do NOT share your submission with anyone before the winners are posted for the challenge in which it is entered.
05. All icons should meet LJ's standards: 100x100 or smaller (unless otherwise stated); 40 kb or less (unless otherwise stated); .gif, .png or .jpg formats only.
06. It's recommended you use photobucket.com for your image hosting. If you choose not to, it's possible I may have problems loading your images and may not be able to wait for you to fix the problem. Livejournal userpics is not an acceptable form of hosting. Livejournal scrapbook is also an acceptable way to host and enter your icons.
07. You must be a member to sumbit entries in challenges and registered w/LJ to vote.
08. I will post a poll two weeks prior before the selected image and requirements are posted.
09. If you would like to use an icon from one of the challenges, whether it has won or not, be sure to comment, credit and no hotlinking.
10. No animated submissions. Stillness only.
11. Challenges will be posted on Sunday after results are posted the day before; the time to get your entries in ends at 23:59 CST the following Saturday. Sunday, the next morning, voting will be posted. Voting lasts until Friday, 23:59 CST. Results will be posted the next day on Saturday. See The World Clock to determine times in your time zone.
12. Reminders, breaks, and other info will be posted on sundays or as appropriate.
13. If a challenge doesn't get 2 or more entries in a week's time, then the challenge will be retired for a later date. But I will save the entries for the next time that challenge is used.

LIMS(Currently Not Active):
1. All the usual rules posted above apply.
2. Participants will get three skips. Failure to comment with an entry in the time allowed uses a skip.
3. If you have no more skips available, you will be disqualified.
4. Please, include your favorite color as the subject of your comment when signing up so I know you read the rules.
5. Unless otherwise stated, we will be doing double elimination so everyone can get as much input on their icon making as possible.
6. Have fun!

Submitting Icons
When submitting your entries please include the icon and the url as below. Copy the following form and paste it into your comment if needed.

Replace the bold text with the URL:



Please direct questions to pieds_joyeux or comment in my journal in the top post.


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